Digital Yahtzee Sheet

Play the world famous Yahtzee game free, even with your own dice!

Have you ever ran out of Yahtzee sheets? Are you an environmentally conscious dice game player? Then you need this app!

Digital Yahtzee Sheet is the only app that lets you play with your own dice! You do your rolls, select the hand you got on the sheet, and then choose what to score. The app will take care of the rest, calculating totals, bonuses, etc.

How To Play Digital Yahtzee Sheet

The app should be adequate for hardcore Yahtzee fans who prefer to roll real, physical cubes and don't trust computer random algorithms (they are pseudo random, after all). The calculations are done according to the official Yahtzee rules, so you'll get what you expect for your Full House, Straight or other hands.

Up to six players can play, and all games are logged in a statistics sheet, so you can keep track of your performance.

Don't have dice? No problem! In Game Mode you'll be able to play with the dice on the sheet! In this mode you play like a classic Yahtzee (Yatzy, dice poker), rolling, selecting what dice to keep, then rolling again.

A pleasant, holo theme will sooth your eyes, while usage is simple and intuitive. Save the trees, stop using paper sheets! Download it for free!

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